Counselling can be short-term to focus on particular issues that are affecting you in the present. Counselling/Psychotherapy can also be open-ended or long term to allow us to work at greater depth with feelings, behaviour or experiences that may feel more deep-rooted or complex.

Counselling/Psychotherapy can provide support for many different areas such as anxiety, depression, loss, abuse, trauma,  sexuality, relationship issues, childhood issues, illness…This list is not exhaustive.

You may read this list and feel that none, one, or all of the above apply to you. You don’t need to know exactly what is troubling you in order to contact me. I would welcome contact from you and, when we talk or meet, we can explore this together.

My Approach and What I Can Offer You

I believe that we are relational beings who are constantly impacted by the world we live in. We live through challenging life experiences which can leave us feeling confused, overwhelmed, isolated, lost, angry, ashamed or unsure of ourselves.

I work on the basis that each of us is born with a wealth of resources, but life’s difficulties can mean they often seem hard or even impossible to access. I aim to offer a supportive relationship in which you can discover, reconnect with and develop your innate resources, creativity and direction which may have become buried over time.   We won’t be able to change the past, but my experience is that a warm, containing therapeutic relationship can help us process what we’ve been through. This allows clients to leave therapy with greater clarity, peace of mind, acceptance, self-confidence and motivation.

Meeting You in A Way That Suits You Best 

We are all individuals and when I meet you for the first time it will be with an openness to finding out who you are, what you think, feel and believe. I will be keen to learn about what your experiences mean to you.   I will endeavour to attune to your individual needs and provide a supportive, respectful relationship in which you can explore what is troubling you.

Every person is unique, and I will work creatively and flexibly so the relationship we develop together is collaborative.  Because we all have different styles of expression and communication, I enjoy integrating various creative ways of working, such as  imagery, writing, drawing, toys etc. This can be helpful when we simply can’t find words or feel stuck in some way.  All of these approaches are possible should they appeal to you.

I also have a keen interest in our embodied experience and you may enjoy noticing your embodied process, where you hold your tension, how you breathe or move and the times you do less of that. Sometimes you may need to be met in a quiet, gentle way  and other times need  something livelier and more energetic. By paying attention to your energy levels during sessions you will also increase self-awareness and capacity to support yourself more effectively.

I work relationally, and will pay attention to how I am impacted by you and what I feel in response to you. As we develop our co-created relationship I will share this with you. Exploration of this can offer valuable insight into how you are in relationship with yourself and others.  In my experience, this increased awareness brings a greater sense of self, empowerment and the ability to make healthier choices and decisions. This can lead to a  fuller, more satisfying and often more free,  joyful way of living.